TalentTester, are two motivated ladies, whose talents complement each other seamlessly and who have the same drive.

Nancy Steels


Tine Boons


On the one hand there is Nancy Steels, a passionate entrepreneur who is firmly convinced that success is related to selecting the right people and on the other hand Tine Boons, who after a career in healthcare, has made a passion for understanding people. So the perfect combination!

The TalentTester vision is already crystalclear. Giving people more insights in themselves and in others, so that the best choices are automatically made for and in the company.

In addition, at TalentTester we aim at 2 target groups:

1. We help an individual make the right professional choices. By following your passion you get the best out of yourself. But what is my passion? What am I good at? We help you with that!

2. We offer organizations and coaches a clear online assessment portal. In this way they get the best out of each individual, from their teams and together we resolutely go for sustainable growth.

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