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Are you in doubt about a new career move or which course of study to choose? Do you want to know where your talents lie and / or are you looking for passion in your job? Make an appointment today!

Tests that give direction to your career

Face-To-Face Personality Analysis

This is the most in-depth test we offer. We discuss your behavioral and / or personality tests through a personal conversation. In addition, we give you insight into who you are through a character study, and we determine what you need to be happy in your job or study. You will also learn which necessary environmental factors you need to develop your talents.

Behavioral tests
Which job is right for me?

Through our proven PACS DISCOVERY you gain insight into your behavior and actions. Where do you get energy from and where do you lose energy?

Are you red, yellow, blue or green?
What drives you and what makes your heart beat faster?

Behavioral tests are ideal input to take into account when choosing a career path and a nice addition to your resume.

> This test takes 15 minutes and will cost you €50,-.

A minimal investment that benefits you personally and professionally.

Personality tests
Who am I?

Our platform also contains multiple personality tests (big five, hexaco). Do you want to map your character in an evidence based way, take this test!

> This test takes 35 minutes and will cost you €40,-.