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As an organization, you do everything to attract talent, grow it and let teams function optimally. It goes without saying that you need the necessary tools for this and you can undoubtedly use some guidance. At TalentTester we have Instant Assessment, our online assessment platform.


In a nutshell

Behavioral tests

The showpiece of TalentTester. Find out which colleague likes to do what. How can you best use his or her skills? Who works well with whom? Which forces do you need most? By applying these tests, the turnover within your company will decrease to a minimum.

Personality tests

With the NEO TT and Hexaco TT you have the right, well-founded tests to get the best impression of the person in front of you. These evidence-based questionnaires, which you can complete online via our portal, provide a crystal-clear picture of the person in question.

360 Feedback

How does a manager view his own performance, and how does his team see it? This thorough evaluation by the shop floor is also based on our NEO TT and Hexaco TT. It is also possible to have team members evaluate each other.

Administrative and IT testing

We also offer the possibility to screen Word and Excel skills. In addition, IT languages such as Javascript and Java can also be tested. A clear report gives you an immediate insight into the level of the participant

Language tests

These very thorough language tests are available in no less than 18 languages. The online spoken and written texts are evaluated by trained native speakers. You will have your result within 48 hours.

InstantAssessment includes a whole suite of tests,
but it doesn't stop there.

What else is possible?

Create your own tests

In addition to the planned tests, your own questionnaires can also be uploaded in the portal. These can be technical tests, but they can also be perfect performance and / or application questions. This way you can centralize all tests and results in one clear dashboard.

Own skinning

Give your professionalism an extra dimension by presenting our tests with your logo and your own company colors.

Get started with the
results yourself!

After our explanation of about 3 hours, you can easily get started with the results of your employees. If there is a psychologist in your organization, our tests can also be interpreted for job applications. If you don't have a psychologist, contact us!

No minimum order

At TalentTester you work unbound. You can perfectly use our portal once. If you don't yet know which tests you need, buy credits. You can use the credits whenever and however you want. You also benefit from an attractive discount.

Ideal for company coaches also!

Professional, easy-to-use tools help you to support customers, strengthen organizations and guide and coach talent. Take your coaching processes to a higher level via InstantAssessment.

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